This may well be the hardest review that I write this year. I genuinely adore Andrew Lawrence – I remember when he had floppy hair and was playing gigs with a guitar singing about a “poor little ginger boy”. He has come on leaps and bounds since then and I have bought my ticket and queued up at the fringe for the last few years awaiting another burst of devastatingly comedic bile spat from the mouth of a psychotic grinning clown snake.

The Hate Speech Tour was different. It almost felt too real, too well acted. I fully realize that these are not the thoughts of Andrew Lawrence the man, they are the words of a character comic who may have just become too good of an actor.

This was a performance full of loathing. The jokes were excellent as always but they came too few and far between for a comedy show and for the first time ever with Andrew Lawrence I questioned whether I had bought a newbie (my guest) to the wrong gig.

There is genius within this man and I will continue to pay to see his shows because when he is on song there are few better – sadly this a night where the tune was off. Sorry.

Clown Stars: * * *

@Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh