My parents (both 60’s) recently attended their first ever Edinburgh Fringe and my mum asked me if there was anyone that they should see… The name “Andrew Maxwell” was leaving my mouth before she had finished her question.

To refer to Andrew Maxwell as a safe pair for hands would be to massively understate the talent of this comedian. Slight return is a casual visit to Maxwell at his comedic best.

The traditional audience banter was sparked by a lady in the crowd who happened to be from Orkney. Andrew has now played pretty much everywhere in the World and seems to have an entertaining and jovial tale for any village, town, city or country named… apart from Canada, nothing happens in Canada.

With Orkney and it’s one tree firmly put in it’s place we moved on effortlessly to politics –that are somehow both hilarious and yet hard to find argument with– and family. It’s at this point that Andrew re-introduces us to “my Muslim” or his wife as the rest of us would call her. It’s insightful stuff from a man full of tolerance but with ability to jovially pick anyone apart at the drop of a hat.

It’s for this reason that tickets to his limited run at this year’s fringe should be treated like they were found in Wonka Bars. If the clown prince of comedy is serious about taking a couple of years out to spend with his family, then my advice is catch him whilst he’s hot!

Clown Stars: * * * * *

@Assembly George square Theatre, Edinburgh