As much as I enjoy Josie Long I have to admit that I went in to this show with a view that I would be watching Mark Thomas for the Twitter generation. A great idea, quickly researched and then chunked out in to a simplistic 140 characters including acronyms and hashtags. All I can do at this stage is apologise for my skepticism and admit just how very wrong I was.

The odd couple that is Josie and journalist Martin Williams had me firmly on their side within minutes and made me ashamed that I had even considered staying in bed rather than dragging myself up, applying my clown face and schlepping across Edinburgh for a morning show!

Their investigations were thoroughly damning and entertaining in equal measure – helped in no small part by the fact that one of the MP’s that they chose to investigate was my local one growing up and he had always seemed like a thoroughly unlikeable chap… nice to see it proven in black and white!

This is not belly laugh comedy or burning political satire. It’s more like a cosy pub conversation taking the piss out of dodgy politicians but with far better research (Martin), story telling (Josie) and earnestness (Both).

I very much look forward to the future instalments of these grinning gumshoes.

Clown Stars: * * * *

@The stand comedy club, Edinburgh