I have to admit right off the bat that I am a little biased when it comes to Mae Martin. I was in the judge’s room at the New Act of the Year Awards when they passed her over and in shock I actually walked out of the building before the decision was announced. That was the last one that I ever attended.

Mae has a natural gift for comedy and is bursting with potential. She can be charming, disarming, shocking and alarming within the space of a minute without ever losing the audience. Even if she does use the word Relayshe (and it’s towie esque variants) waaaaaay too often!

This was not a full show; this was a gig pulled from a bucket! And yet it was still thoroughly enjoyable and reaffirmed that she deserves that place on my “must see” list each Edinburgh Fringe.

Please give us a new show so that I can write a full review for 2017 😛

Clown Stars: (- unrated -)

@City Café. Edinburgh