I had absolutely no plans to see this show when my flight landed in Edinburgh but by the end of the gig I can only think of what a fool I would have been to miss it.

I had not previously heard of “Sammy J and Randy” but my Belozvian (Belgian, Australian & Latvian – long story) mate was a big fan and actually had some of their songs on her phone. A few tuneful minutes later we were off to buy tickets to go see an Australian puppet reading a fake novel!

This is where my mocking ends. The first error of the night was ours as we couldn’t find the venue and ended up arriving a minute or two late – the best thing about a puppet is that he can’t see who tries to sneak in!  Despite this we easily picked up the flow and the show was spot on. From the Hemingway rant to the awkward attempted ping-pong-eyeball interaction with the audience this was a well thought out and excellently delivered act. In terms of format all I can relate it to are those classic (seemingly endless) Peanuts cartoons with Snoopy at a typewrite stuck on the words “It was a dark and stormy night, suddenly a shot rang out…”

This is not a novelty puppet show, this is a legitimate powerhouse comedy performer and Randy 100% deserves his award nomination. I would definitely seem him again and it only seems fitting to end by saying that Randy turned up in Edinburgh to play his first ever solo show… LIKE A FUCKIN’ HEERO

Clown Stars: * * * *

@Underbelly Potterow, Edinburgh