In order to justify my review I think that it’s only fair for me to declare at the outset that I have never been a massive fan of sketch/theatrical troupes. This doesn’t mean that they’re bad but in fairness they do pretty much have to blow up a clown car for me to pay attention.

These guys started out with all of the right ingredients, classic literature, quality performers and –my personal favourite– copious amounts of alcohol. And I have to admit to finding it funny, watching A Midsummer Nights Dream put to the sword by a member of the B@1 Happy Hour generation is thoroughly entertaining… for about half of the running time.

There are stand out moments revolving just how the straight actors lay off and manage their intoxicated colleague but the big laughs always come for the latter swearing, falling over or trying to snatch another drink

By the second half of the show I was begging to feel like I was just watching a drunk girl exposed on a stage for the mockery of others. A bit like a cross between ‘Britain’s got talent’ and those regional police camera shows.

In their defence these guys are undeniably talented and every night will offer audiences a completely different experience. It just wasn’t one for me and when I consider the cost of a ticket compared to other comedy shows I have to say that I would probably pass on future variants.

Clown Stars: * * *

@Leicester square theatre, London