And the future leader of the Clown Party and our next Prime Minister is… Why does this man not run for government? I am not a particularly politically minded person but this clown makes me think, challenges my attitudes and –of course– makes me laugh. I wish I could say a fraction of that about any current politician.

This show is a little different to Mark’s usual format, there is no specific cause to fight and he is not trying to right a political wrong. The landscape of the world has become so ridiculous that sadly the jokes just aren’t as funny as the reality. This show is about trying to gain something back from the ridiculousness by placing long-shot bets on the future. And this is where we -the audience- come in.

We all completed forms in the queue making predictions for the future. These are then discussed, put to a vote and the winner from each show will be backed at a local bookies. Mark expertly uses these suggestions as jump off points for some the traditional fire & brimstone routines that we all know and love – honestly, is there anything better than this man on a bile spitting (and actual spitting) political rant?

This clown has incredibly strong political views and affiliations and yet what impresses me most is his willingness to listen to the other side and to defend an individual who he disagrees with, within his own show, allowing them the right to their own opinion.

This is not quite up to his investigations shows but is still a must see, can’t miss for me.

Oh and it was 8-1… come on, you know wanted to know the odds on Trump being assassinated this year!

Clown Stars: * * * * *

 @Summerhall, Edinburgh