Sure thing, no-brainer, it’s in the bag, guaranteed, easy three points…  Money! I am running out of ways to clarify that, on any night, Andrew Maxwell will kill it!

The Clown Prince of Comedy is back and once again he has bought us a show to bring the house down, flowing casually and seamlessly through topics that range from family to his native Ireland. He has also got slightly more political over the years but he doesn’t take sides, starting the show by telling everyone that he will probably insult the party of their choice at some point – he is very much an equal opportunities offender when it comes to dealing with the idiocy of politics.

He doesn’t waste too much energy on Trump, refusing to expend any more oxygen on the man. But he does have plenty to say on Brexit, and his view on it, through the prism of a recent house move, proves a highlight. Moving to the south coast from north London, this Remainer is now living cheek by jowl with Leave-voting salt-of-the-earth neigbours who apparently hate foreigners but paradoxically can’t do enough for him – way to burst that liberal bubble.

Then there’s another local, who showcases Maxwell’s sublime eye for the absurd – a fantastic ex-copper vicar who prompts from Maxwell a Sweeney-esque take on a traditional sermon and the biggest laughs of the night.

I hate sounding like a broken record but this man is just funny. If you haven’t seen him, go see him… if you have seen him, go see him again.

Clown Stars: * * * * *

 @Assembly George Square Theatre, Edinburgh