I missed Flo & Joan at last years Edinburgh Festival and, to be honest, it wasn’t until they started turning up in TV ads that I remembered wanting to catch their act. They were fun, fresh and offered up some annoyingly catchy lyrics. So when I saw them on the bill at VAULT Festival I grabbed a pair of tickets and a pal and headed off to see these singing clown sisters.

As always I will never truly review a work in progress show but they do often determine the clowns that I aim to catch at the next Fringe. It also meant that I could explore the Vaults venue – it did not disappoint.

We arrived early enough to try both downstairs bars, the first reminded me of a temporary camp from the Walking Dead – but with slightly better booth seating. The second bar faces the live music stage but the real appeal of this one to my show buddy was the nifty yurt located in the next room – she was jumping on a bean bag and lighting some incense before I had even had time to add the mixer to my drink!

Flo & Joan were playing in the studio venue, the walkway to which reminded me of the football changing rooms from an 80’s hooligan documentary. The main stage however was yet another comfy festival space and we quickly settled in for the show.

They kicked things off with a welcome song and what I feel may be the greatest wedding tune of all time. As a work in progress things weren’t 100% perfect but the atmosphere that the sisters create easily allowed for such things and their personalities often meant that you laughed along with them, even when things weren’t going exactly to plan.

These ladies are both talented songwriters and musicians, a highlight of this is what I can only describe as the introduction of a “rock recorder” duet which puts Ron Burgundy’s jazz flute firmly in it’s place!

All in all this was a thoroughly enjoyable performance and both my friend and I agreed that if they had been selling CD’s we’d have definitely picked one up. I can’t wait to see these clowns perform a full show and wish them all the best for the future.

Clown Stars: (- unrated -)

 @ The Vaults, London