This was a show that we had been looking forward to all Fringe, we had spent a stupidly hot day drinking Absinthe cocktails (the appropriately named ‘Corpse Reviver No2’ ) in order to get us ready for another evening of comedy… And we were just about ready.

Now I know that Absinthe has a reputation for causing hallucinations but I swear, to anyone reading who doesn’t know the fringe, that we entered a large purple upside down cow, sat ourselves down and awaited our clown for the evening.

The lights go down and just before the intro speech began you hear that cheeky little laugh into the microphone and you know you’re in for a great hour of comedy.

Andrew is in reflective mood this evening, he spends a lot of time talking about how his age has changed his place in the World – he has three kids now (one who is technically an adult) and is actually older than three current world leaders! Also, his younger friends keep coming to him for advice… And some of that advice is spectacular “get a rattle out of her mid week” was a stone cold gem of a bit.

Ever present since the vote is the topic of Brexit which looms large within the routine and he makes a point of apologises for pushing his politics upon us. The truth is sadly that his angle on this is actually more informative and honest that 90% of what we’ll ever get from a politician so, whichever side of the fence you fall on, it’s well worth hearing his perspective.

This was another classic show from a clown who, despite being aware that he is aging, never gets old. We are sat in a hot plastic cow without drinks – the bar queues were insane – and yet this is one of the most enjoyable hours we’ll spend at this year’s Fringe. 

Oh, and it’s Rheinbacher, Aldi, 72p per can… You’re welcome!

Clown Stars: * * * * *

 @Udderbelly, Edinburgh