Our editor (me) has written for such famed publications as ‘The Ticket’ (does anyone else remember that god awful entertainments pull-out that The Mirror used to do??) and ‘I.Q.P.S Quarterly’ (Institute of Qualified Professional Secretaries… No really). Luckily he also found time to write for Time Out, Metro and publish an online comic strip.

IMG-20170905-WA0001 (2)Our first freelance writer has… not yet written an article. So yes, at the moment it’s just me. Although I do have two amazing professional writers occasionally proof reading my articles for spelling, grammar, nonsense.. you know, the boring stuff.

If you would like to review for us please e-mail clownsterblog@gmail.com and we’ll see what we can do… remember though, we don’t pay – as you have seen from the circus, we are too cheap to even get our car fixed properly!