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Nick Helm: Masterworks in Progress ’17 (2017)

As the star of Uncle and the most sympathetic character in the recent Channel 4 series Loaded Nick Helm knows a thing or two about drama. And it is this knowledge that is responsible for one of the darkest and most compelling... Continue Reading →


Robin Ince: Rorschach Test (2017)

I sometimes wonder if I like Robin Ince because telling people that I have been to see him makes me feel high-brow and intellectual... I then remember that I am neither of those things and as much as some of... Continue Reading →

Katy Brand: I Could’ve been an Astronaut (2017)

It doesn't seem all that long ago that Katy Brand was a regular on our TV screens with her incredibly well crafted parodies of singers such as Lily Allen or the late Amy Winehouse. The reality of course is that... Continue Reading →

Pierre Novellie: Self Titled (2017)

Okay, hands up time, I had no idea who Pierre Novellie was! I realise that this highlights a rather large hole in my comedy knowledge but it is a mistake that I am thrilled to have corrected. We were looking... Continue Reading →

Phil Wang: Kinabula (2017)

I wasn't sure what to expect when I walked in to Phil Wang's new solo show but it certainly wasn't what I got. My first experience of Phil Wang was a number of years ago at the Fringe on a... Continue Reading →

Richard Pryor: Live in Concert (recorded 1979)

Richard Pryor is undeniably one of the greatest and most influential stand-up comedians of all time. 'Live in Concert' is arguably the best example of his work available today and offers a wonderful insight into the the style and delivery... Continue Reading →

Russell Howard: Round the World (2017)

Before Russell Howard took to the stage this evening, it was announced that as this was his 9th consecutive solo performance at the Royal Albert Hall he had broken a longstanding record of 8 appearances set by one Francis Albert... Continue Reading →

Steve Hall: Russell Howard Support (2017)

I feel slightly unfair in critiquing a clown working as a warm-up act but I found this one slightly fascinating due to the venue in question (the Royal Albert Hall) and the clown in question – Steve Hall was formerly... Continue Reading →

Stewart Lee: Content Provider (2017)

The first time that I actually saw Stewart Lee live was about 12 years ago at the Soho Theatre. I went in with high expectations; my ticket buddy on the night absolutely loved his solo work and I had always... Continue Reading →

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